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Providing Service to Northern Texas Since 1999

Whether you’re dealing with rats or termites, Dave’s Pest Management is here to give you the service you need. Our founder, David Gronewold, has 24 years of industry experience. He first started in this industry when he began working for his friend, who owned a pest control company. A great problem-solver with good people skills, he gradually figured out the best ways to provide clients with efficient, effective pest control service in a way that met their specific needs. This lead him to eventually start his own company, and since then he’s done everything in his power to give his clients the type of amazing service he knows they deserve.

Dave puts an emphasis on customer service. That’s why he responds to requests quickly, tailors his services to each individual, and offers warranties for his treatments. He wants to make sure that not only are the pests removed, but that the overall working experience is pleasant.

Dave believes in giving back to the community. That’s why, in addition to his work, he helps out with helps out with a group that aims to help rescue animals and children struggling with mental health issues.

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